Stretching Routines

It is very important to properly warm up for the Dene Games. The key to preventing injuries before exercising is to warm up. One of the best ways to warm up is to do flexibility or stretching exercises. I often have my students warm up about 7-10 minutes prior to participation in the games. During participation outside it is especially important not to have your students sweating, so I often use slow stretches prior to the students putting their winter clothes on. In order to properly stretch the flexibility exercise must be performed correctly throughout the range of motion. During the actual stretch you should not feel pain and it is very important not to bounce during the stretch. Keeping your body relaxed and comfortable are the key ingredients to stretching properly. During the stretch often students forget to breathe, remind them to breathe throughout the exercise. Here is a list of stretching exercises and pictures that you should incorporate into your lesson plans when teaching Dene Games.