Student Projects

In order to incorporate ideas and methods into the classroom it is important to allow students the opportunity to conceptualize their learning of these games through other mediums. One concept are the student books which was the method used by Mrs. Eyjolina Chapman. Another idea was one which I used by taking the students out on the land to gather materials for the games and then later to make the tools of the games.

It is also important to integrate opportunities of sharing, reflecting
and assessing student knowledge. Often this can be achieved through talking circles and journals. Value Whips are an interesting teaching method as well. By presenting a question to the class, such as “Why do you think the Dene people would play these games years ago?” Each student has the opportunity of providing a concise answer. Keep the activity moving quickly and fast paced. If a student does not have an answer, pass once and come back to them later. Another teaching strategy is called Corners. In the gym or classroom, place four words in the four corners, such as “strength”, “agility”, “intelligence” and “cooperation.” Now ask the students this question, “Regarding Dene Games what is the most important word that represents the true characteristic of the games. Let the students see the words, ask them to close their eyes and move slowly to the word which they feel is the answer. Once in the corners, they can open their eyes, now there should be four groups, within each group they have to discuss their thoughts and present it to the class. Other ideas would include guest speakers, ideally an Elder if available, Venn Diagram presentations, Think-Pair-Share, Community Service Projects and promoting the games through school fun-days, carnivals or culture days.