Finger Pull - How to play?

Finger Pull Preparation

  1. I usually use the gymnastic mats so the players can sit on them during the competition.
  2. The game requires both strength and pain endurance during the competition.
  3. During the game both respect and safety towards one another is of the utmost importance.
  4. Have a bucket of ice or snow available so players can ice any swelling that might occur during the competition.

The Finger Pull Team

The Finger Pull is an individual event, all players participate in the event whether they are on the same team or not. In my Physical Education classes I will draw names out of a hat, with both a male and female division, and the seating of players is determined by the draw. The winner is determined by a best two out of three match. During the start of a match, players usually play “paper, rocks, scissors”, although a coin can be used, to determine offensive and defensive positioning. This method is used prior to the first game and if necessary after the second game to determine positioning of the final game of the match.

Finger Pull Team AFinger Pull Team B

Let’s Play!

At the start of the game players will sit facing each other on the gymnastic mat and determine positioning by “paper, rocks, scissors”. At this point the winner will inform me of their choice of position, offensive or defensive. The defensive player tries to prevent the release of his/her finger lock and/or the straightening of his/her arm. The offensive player will attempt to break their opponent’s finger lock or pull the defensive player to straighten his/her arm.

Defensive Positioning

Offensive Positioning

Finger Lock

How a winner is determined?

View video clip.

Lesson Planning

When you read through the lesson plans, please realize that you can create and change these plans to be suit your class development levels. As well it is very important and necessary to incorporate both stretching and strength exercise progressions in your lesson plans to foster a safe learning environment. I encourage you to construct your own unique lesson plans and modifications that make for a positive learning experience for your students. However, if you do incorporate the Dene Games into your classroom please share your experiences, in the Bannock and Tea Room, education is an opportunity to explore, let’s explore our Dene Games journey together.

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